Friday, March 11, 2011

Alpha Answers - Set 1

Let's go over some of the questions the readers had.

Bluntmasta Flex asked, "Why should I curl my ring and pinky finger when I wave?"

It's a more casual wave, so the body language has an advantage in its perception and seems more down-to-earth as opposed to a wide, fast wave. Body language plays a huge part in social interaction, especially in the more impressionable stages.

Merlly asked, "How do I learn to use public showers? :("

Turning the handle? Really, though, this is a confidence problem that a lot of guys have. Similarly, I've heard many guys talk about being too nervous just to piss in a urinal next to someone. The key? Get your head out of the box. Once you realize that we all have a penis, and that some people are showers, some are growers, then you won't really care who looks at what or whatever. It's a reproductive organ. If you have an abnormality (in size or condition) then that's a personal choice you have to make and manage, but, for the average guy, just don't pay attention to it. Who gives a damn?

PluckyP asked, "Is Barney Stintson a good role model? Should I suit up?"

I've seen a handful of episodes from How I Met Your Mother, and this comes to a point of morality. This blog is designed to be entirely neutral. If you take this advice and bag chicks just to get laid, whatever. If not, cool beans. Barney is a successful, confident guy who doesn't really have a problem preying on women of weak mentality. There are definitely some lessons in confidence and general concepts you can take from the show but with a grain of salt. As far as "suiting up" goes, the suit is always Alpha. Always.

Michael asked, "What are some good alpha clothing styles?"

That's a really common question with a relatively reliable answer: preppy-casual. Unless you're in a niche social group (i.e., you're in high school or failed in your social development somewhere) then wearing black may help you get that mentally inept girl you want, but when it comes to mature women in the late twenties and early thirties, you want to have some jeans and button-down shirts. And for the love of God, iron your shirts! You don't need to run around wearing Hollister or Abercrombie, but the general style is fail-safe. My personal preference is Polo clothing, and I really love a nice sweater. I've never had to worry about my clothing choice so far.

I also want to take a moment to point out a commend from "Android News and Resources", who said, "this is interesting.. im getting on p90x to try to build muscle.. so i guess that would be a good step to become more alpha."

Muscle is a great addition to appearance, but, for those of you who are lacking or concerned in that area, you don't need to be stacked as much as toned. If you are incredibly skinny to the point where most women you meet could kick your ass, you may want to consider being more active. I worked in construction straight out of high school and developed the majority of my muscle doing that along with crunches to keep my stomach in shape. Simply pick up a side hobby that's active if you can't motivate yourself to work out regularly. With the slightest bit of definition, you'll start raking in compliments for your arms and your stomach.

Anton Nuemus asked, "If you fuck a sleeping whore (without paying), is this shoplifting or rapeing?"

That depends on whether or not she's on the clock, but good job recycling one of the oldest, mainstream jokes out there.

Skinned Sheep asked, "is ignorance beneficial to an alpha? is truth beneficial to a beta?"

Some elaboration would be awesome, but that does remind me of the idea that it is always best to be open in thoughts and feelings throughout the entire series of courting. Playing these "dating games" are a waste of time and ultimately do nothing for you, especially should the relationship evolve into something serious.

Not a bad wave one of questions, right? This coming week I'll be posting on how to deal with dead air in conversations, and how to handle early problems and warning signs through confrontation. I appreciate the readers out here!


  1. I like it..keep up with the good work and i will think of a question for you

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  4. I like ur clothing advice, as that's my style anyways. I could get more toned too, maybe some crunches and jogging for me :) look forward to more.

  5. Good answers man, I can't wait for your post later this week!

  6. i liked the part of the growers in the showers...

  7. thanks for the clothing tip

  8. Good questions, good answers. Thanks!

  9. I used to be worried about using public showers but I just manned up. Doesn't bother me anymore ^^

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  11. please keep it up! I cant wait to see how to deal with dead air! Its one the most annoying things for me >.<

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